The Abbey today

People have been organising the church, worshipping and teaching at Beauchief Abbey since 1176.

Today our church is part of the Anglican Communion (Church of England), but we are a little unusual in that:

  • People have been organising the church, worshipping and teaching at Beauchief Abbey since 1176.
  • Today our church is part of the Anglican Communion (Church of England), but we are a little unusual in that:
  • The running of our church is organized entirely by the congregation
  • We have no appointed priests, ministers or clergy
  • Services are led by volunteer Anglican clergy
  • The Abbey building is not owned by the Church of England but was given to the people of Sheffield in 1932 so that services could continue to be held at the Abbey.
  • Beauchief Abbey is a Liberty within the Diocese of Sheffield

As well as holding weekly services the Abbey church organises occasional lectures and concerts in the Abbey and hosts heritage open weekends when the Abbey building is open for visitors.

The Broad Church

There are many different approaches to worship and church life across the Anglican Communion.  The Abbey seeks to explore further the role of the Broad Church movement in a spirit of love, tolerance, patience, partnership, exploration, encouragement and hope in the light of traditional Christian faith and witness.

The principles of belonging and getting involved

The Abbey and its surrounding area are a Liberty in the Church of England,.  This means that the community of Beauchief Abbey are afforded unusual freedoms in associating and organising the Abbey life, and this, in turn, brings fresh, unusual and interesting responsibilities and opportunities.

The church is organised on the principles of common participation and simple democracy, which finds expression and structure in The Constitution of Beauchief Abbey and in our committee of members.

Although our committee members are active we seek to invite and involve all our congregation in the running and activities of the church life and outreach. We welcome involvement in every sphere of Abbey life.

The Abbey church receives no grants or external funding.  All Abbey's income comes from the giving of members and congregations at services and by regular Gift Aid ( a tax efficient scheme of giving), from gifts from donors, fees from weddings and funerals and from fundraising efforts.   The Abbey uses the monies it receives to run the church and fabric of the building, to promote the Abbey and in supporting agreed charitable enterprises locally, nationally and around the world.

The Abbey gardens

The Beauchief Environment Group play a large role in the maintenance of the walls, paths and trees of the Abbey gardens and we employ a gardener to maintain the lawns, shrubs and trees.

The residents of the adjacent cottages also take part in the upkeep of the grounds.

The Abbey gardens are enjoyed by many, many visitors to the area.  At the front of the Abbey is a large lawn (meadow). There are a few gravestones to the East of the church and to the  South lies the remains of the cloisters and medieval Abbey buildings.

Visiting the Abbey

Visitors often remark on the warm welcome they receive at the Abbey. Whenever the Abbey is open visitors seem to walk up the path and come to the door.

We encourage people to visit the Abbey after our weekly Sunday Service when members of the congregation are available to welcome and show visitors the around.  There is also a heritage weekend in September when the Abbey is open to the public.

If you would like to arrange a visit for a group, please get in touch.

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