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lent 2018 and other lectures

Lent Lectures 2018

The Forgiveness of Sins

Wednesday 21 February

Lecture 1  What it’s all about: Defining Sin and Forgiveness

Wednesday 28 February

Lecture 2  Sin and forgiveness in the Old Testament

Wednesday 7 March

Lecture 3 Sin and forgiveness in the teaching of Jesus

Wednesday 14 March

Lecture 4  Sin and forgiveness in Paul

Wednesday 21 March

Lecture 5..Sin and forgiveness: adjusting our theology and reinterpreting our liturgy

Lectures will be given in Beauchief Abbey at 7 p.m. by Revd Professor J. W. Rogerson




The 2013 Beauchief Abbey Lectures are now available for viewing as films on the internet:

On being a Broad Church by:Revd. Professor J. W. Rogerson

Lecture 1:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 1) Broad Church: C19th Background

Revd. Professor John Rogerson introduces the foundation of the 19th century Broad Church movement and its implications for faith in Britain today, calling for a church that engages with the whole of society and which is not broader, but deeper.

Lecture 2:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 2) Broad Church: Scripture

In 1862 the active and dedicated missionary Bishop John Colenso questioned publicly the historical integrity of some of the Old Testament narratives, and the controversy that followed marks a turning point in the history of modern biblical criticism in Britain. This lecture explores the positive and affirming contribution made by biblical critical scholarship to the revealing of a God of justice and love in the Old Testament and the Gospel accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Lecture 3:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 3) Broad Church: Reason

Revd. Professor Rogerson explores the often-made mistake of supposing that God is an object within our world of time and space whose existence there could be proved by logical or rational argument. The lecture goes on to outline the distinction made by the renowned poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge between Reason and Understanding. Coleridge’s contribution to Anglican thinking helps us to have a practical beliefinthe God of the Bible, rather than beliefs or assertionsaboutGod.

Lecture 4:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 4) Broad Church: Tradition

Lecture 5:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 5) Broad Church Today

If you are interested in the work of the Abbey in promoting the Broad Church Today then pleaseget in touch with us


Weekly Services

Weekly services of public worship are held at the Abbey, continuing a tradition of Christian witness and prayer on this site that dates back to the 12th century.

You are very welcome to join us.


The services at the Abbey follow The Book of Common Prayer. This was published in 1662, around the time that the present Abbey church was restored with the box pews, chapel and tower that you see today. The Book of Common Prayer is the traditional prayer and service book of the Church of England.

What is a Service like at the Abbey?

Here you can find out what a typical Sunday service is like at Beauchief Abbey. Click here to download.

Service Pattern

Throughout the year the Abbey’s weekly services follow this pattern:

First Sunday of each month: Holy Communion 11.00am
Second Sunday of each month: Holy Communion 11.00am
Third Sunday of each month: Evensong 3.00pm
Fourth Sunday of each month: Holy Communion 11.00am
When a fifth Sunday occurs in a month: Mattins 11.00am

Services are also held on:

Christmas Eve 7.00pm
Christmas Day 10.30am
Ash Wednesday 7.00pm
Maundy Thursday 7.00pm
Good Friday 2.00pm
Ascension Day 7.00pm

In recent years, we have held ten days of informal prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday.

The Abbey joins with other local churches in providing monthly worship and church community at the nearby residential care home Henleigh Hall.


The Abbey has no appointed clergy and relies entirely on volunteer clergy and Readers to lead our services. We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic and generous pool of volunteers, who share their wide range of experience, gifts and ministry with the Abbey community.


Music is a much loved part of the Abbey life. We have a small electronic organ and singing hymns connects us to a long tradition of Christian worship.

Our informal choir sits in the pews nearest the organ and consists of anyone who enjoys singing. All are welcome to sit in this area and sing out! We aim to sing using harmonies where possible. Come and join us to sing.


The Abbey holds funeral services. These are arranged in conjunction with funeral directors and our volunteer clergy.

Although the Abbey traditionally uses the Book of Common Prayer for its services, decisions about the form of service for funerals is taken by clergy in consultation with families, as appropriate to the circumstances.

In past years the Funeral Directors Lunts held a memorial service in December at the Abbey for families who had been bereaved in the previous year.

If you would like more information about funeral services at the Abbey please contact us.


Offering baptism is an important part of our Christian witness. We're delighted to receive plenty of enquiries about Christenings at the Abbey, and we hold baptism services regularly. These Christenings are often held on Sunday lunchtimes at 12.30pm after the main weekly service, but not always. Baptisms can also take place within the weekly Sunday service and at other times.

Being baptized at a Christening marks the start of a lifelong journey of faith as part of the local and worldwide Christian family.

If you'd like to know more about baptism at the Abbey please get in touch with Mrs. Pam Hodgson on 0114 235 3263 or send us an email.

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