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Heritage Open Days

Beauchief Abbey will be taking part in this years Heritage Open Days 8th - 10th September.


Visitors to the Abbey will be able to see the medieval tower and the 17th century box pews in the tranquil Chapel. Outside in the grounds the original footprint of the Chapter House and Cloisters can be traced.


A walk around the Grave yard reveals some interesting grave stones. One under the east window is of a gamekeeper who had an unforunate accident on April 10th 1758:


A gamekeeper I was at Beauchief Hall

A Dore my fatal gun caused me to fall,

Which made a speedy passage through my head.

And sent me to the mansions of the dead.

Repent in time consider mortal man,

Thy race extends no further than a span.

Man like the flower that in the morning sown,

Before the night is wuthered and cut down.


The Abbey will be open on Friday from 11am untill 4pm to view and find out more information.

On Saturday from 11am to 4pm and Sunday from 1pm (after morning service) until 4pm, refreshments will be available and there will be guided tours. Books and cards for sale. 

All Welcome.

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