lent 2017 and other lectures

lent 2017 and other lectures

This Year's Event "The Poet Prophets of the Old Testament"

Led by Revd Professor J. W. Rogerson

Hosted at: Beauchief Abbey

Wednesday 8th March 7pm The Rediscovery of Classical Hebrew Poetry in the 18th Century

Wednesday 15th March 7pm The Old Testamrent Prophets as Poets and Seers

Wednesday 22nd March 7pm Forms of Old Testament Poetry: Love Songs, Laments and Warnings

Wednesday 29th March 7pm The Servant Songs in Isaiah 40-55

Wednesday 5th April 7pm The Old TestamentPoet Prophets: their Relevance Today.




The 2013 Beauchief Abbey Lectures are now available for viewing as films on the internet:

On being a Broad Church by:Revd. Professor J. W. Rogerson

Lecture 1:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 1) Broad Church: C19th Background

Revd. Professor John Rogerson introduces the foundation of the 19th century Broad Church movement and its implications for faith in Britain today, calling for a church that engages with the whole of society and which is not broader, but deeper.

Lecture 2:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 2) Broad Church: Scripture

In 1862 the active and dedicated missionary Bishop John Colenso questioned publicly the historical integrity of some of the Old Testament narratives, and the controversy that followed marks a turning point in the history of modern biblical criticism in Britain. This lecture explores the positive and affirming contribution made by biblical critical scholarship to the revealing of a God of justice and love in the Old Testament and the Gospel accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Lecture 3:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 3) Broad Church: Reason

Revd. Professor Rogerson explores the often-made mistake of supposing that God is an object within our world of time and space whose existence there could be proved by logical or rational argument. The lecture goes on to outline the distinction made by the renowned poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge between Reason and Understanding. Coleridge’s contribution to Anglican thinking helps us to have a practical beliefinthe God of the Bible, rather than beliefs or assertionsaboutGod.

Lecture 4:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 4) Broad Church: Tradition

Lecture 5:Video: Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2013 (no. 5) Broad Church Today

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