English Heritage

English Heritage is a public body with responsibility for all aspects of protecting and promoting the historic environment in England. Officially known as the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, English Heritage is an Executive Non-departmental Public Body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). - Visit

Heritage Inspired

Churches, chapels, mosques, gurudwaras, synagogues and other faith sites are literally 'treasure houses' of history. Very few ancient sites are built in the style of one architectural period, and their history can be traced through the jigsaw of architectural styles. - Visit

Museums Sheffield

Trying something new can be a little bit scary, but what a great feeling when you make the connection. We’re trying new things all the time and we want you to try them too, so come with us and we’ll help connect you with art, nature, history, ideas - and each other. You can connect with us in lots of ways. Through our four museums, through our events and exhibitions, when we’re out and about and right here on our website. Jump in. Discover something new. - Visit

Picture Sheffield is the Internet version of Sheffield Local Studies Library's computerised image system. You can view over 35,000 pictures from our collections. We update the system regularly, so please check for new images. This website is only a representative selection from our collections, and most images are pre-1950. - Visit

Prayer Book Society

The Prayer Book Society exists to promote and preserve the use of the Book of Common Prayer (1662). The 1662 Prayer Book is the traditional service book of the Church of England, and it contains the Church's historic beliefs. - Visit

Sheffield City Council

After a period of public consultation Sheffield City Council adopted this Beauchief Abbey Conservation Area Appraisal and the accompanying Management Proposals for Beauchief Abbey on 19th March 2007, which means that they are now a material consideration in the determination of relevant planning applications in the area. - Visit

The Church of England

The Church of England has a Christian presence in every community and plays a vital role in the life of the nation, proclaiming the Christian Gospel in words and actions. - Visit

The Diocese of Sheffield

The Diocese of Sheffield was formed at Pentecost in 1914, by the division from the Diocese of York. It covers most of the County of South Yorkshire, with a small part of East Yorkshire, one parish in North Yorkshire and one in North Lincolnshire – an area of almost 576 square miles. - Visit

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